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A very special ordination …

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Munich 1972, London 2012

A letter to The Globe and Mail (not published) American exceptionalism permitted a commemoration of 9/11 at the 2002 Salt Lake City games because, well, America is exceptional (letter–July 25). But there will be no comparable commemoration in London of the … Continue reading

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My second letter to Christy Clark

Dear Premier Clark—Christy,* I was glad to read in this morning’s Vancouver Sun your statement that the Northern Pipeline proposal “poses too much environmental risk for British Columbia while not offering enough economic benefits” (July 21, 2012, A4). This being so, I … Continue reading

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Israel and Palestine: how I got started with the issue

Spring of 1968: I was 28 years old. I was travelling from Denmark to Germany on a ferry. As I drove off the ferry, I found myself on the Autobahn, on which, strangely enough. all the signs were in German. … Continue reading

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In the interests of humility …

Via Herbert O’Driscoll, to whom thanks! A New Yorker cartoon. The drawing shows two dogs, one saying to the other, “I did develop my own blog for a while but then I decided to go back to pointless incessant barking.”

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Circumcision, yes or no?

Recently, a regional court in Köln, Germany (Cologne to most of us), ruled that circumcision of a child was a form of physical assault, and should be outlawed. The court recognized that circumcision was performed for religious reasons for Jews … Continue reading

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Open letter to the Honourable Christy Clark

Here’s a letter I wrote on July 11 to Christy Clark, premier of BC, to express my concern about the Northern Gateway Pipeline, so called, a project of an oil company called Enbridge. Later the same day she came out … Continue reading

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Grace and peace

My first post on WordPress, with thanks to Brian for suggesting this about three years ago (!), to  John and Anna for getting me started, and to Tara and Rob for inspiring me with the possibilities of the blogosphere. “The … Continue reading

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